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1. Do I need to be injured to see a Physical Therapist?

No. Physical Therapists are experts of the musculoskeletal system and specialize in identifying movement imbalances that may cause injury. They can offer rehabilitation services  using hands-on manual therapy techniques and corrective exercises to maximize performance.   

2. Do I need a prescription from my physician to start physical therapy?


A prescription or referral for physical therapy is NOT required. You can contact us directly to make an appointment and avoid delaying your care. Your therapist will work with your physician or healthcare provider in the coordination of your care, to ensure the best outcome possible. At times, we will recommend you see a physician and can assist in providing you guidance to see a trusted provider within our network.

3. Do you accept insurance? 


Yes, we accept insurance as an out-of-network provider. To find out your out of network benefits, you can call your insurance provider. Often they reimburse you for all or some of your PT services. We will give you the medical documentation required to receive reimbursement. At this time, being an out-of-network facility allows us to provide you the treatment you need and spend the time with you that you deserve. 

Here is why:​

  • In order to bill your insurance, physical therapy providers must have a contract with insurance companies. 

  • These contracts limit reimbursement, leading to physical therapy providers having to double and triple book patients, shorten treatment time and modify procedures to accommodate for the loss.  

  • Using a private pay system, allows us the freedom to provide you with the care you need without compromising quality. 

  • The total treatment time is determined by you and your therapist, based on your needs, not determined by an insurance company.​​


                                 So you get the treatment you need and get better faster!


4. Do you accept Medicare?

Healthy Body Physical Therapy is not a Medicare provider. Law prevents us from providing Medicare patients with what would be considered "normally covered services". However, if you are a Medicare beneficiary and would still like to request treatment or have questions, please call us at (704) 625 - 6191

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