Amplify your Results, Recovery and Performance


What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training? 

BFR Training is a new technology that is changing the bodybuilding world! It allows you to get results faster by fully recruit muscle fibers and increase the results seen with heavy lifting...all while using light weights. 

Increase muscle growth

Increase strength

Target stubborn and hard to grow areas

Recover faster between training sessions

Eliminate pain that is limiting your ability to lift

Train even when injured or prevent losing muscle through an injury


How Can Bodybuilders Benefit?

Speed Up Growth

  • Maximize your body's ability to grow fast as 1 inch in 4 weeks. 

  • Increase pro-synthetic hormones like HGH through your whole body. 

  • Get a performance edge to compliment your current program

Maximize Contest Prep

  • Avoid losing hard earned muscle during leaning phase. 

  • Use BFR almost all the way up to contest time.

  • Supplement your current training program.

  • Decrease recovery time between lifting sessions. 

Don't Let Pain Slow You Down

  • Create muscle hypertrophy with only 20-30% of the load. 

  • Decrease excess joint stress.

  • Increase natural recovery hormones, including: HGH, IGF-1, mTORC1

  • Don't allow an injury to slow you down. 


What's the difference between your technology and other devices?

We use special FDA Listed Equipment that is backed up by research to produce fastest results: -Ability individualize your training pressure to you. This allows us to control and progress your program based on your individual goals. No guess work! -Proper Size/Design to ensure safety and efficacy. -Portable and durable materials Using other devices that d not have this technolofy like elastic bands or wraps does not allow you to properly control progress and can potentially harm you. If you don't know how much pressure you need to get results, how can you progress? It's almost like lifting a dumbbell without knowing how much it weighs. How would you know how much to increase or decrease the weight by? You wouldn't!

Do the benefits stay after you are done with BFR Training?

Yes! However, it is important to continue staying active and progress your training as you increase muscle size and strength with BFR Training. As a matter of fact, most of our clients see such a fast change in size and strength, we recommend communicating with your coach to make sure you progress your lifting along with your gains. It's easy to get carried away and forget about how fast your strength and size have changed when you feel great and ready to lift anything!

Do you recommend periodization with BFR Training?

For the majority of our clients we recommend the following: 6-12 weeks BFR Training Protocol (depending on goals) 1-2 weeks Maintenance BFR (Modified Pressure) Protocol Repeat Unlike other methods used to enhance muscle growth, BFR Training increases your own body's ability to produce natural occuring hormones. This is why we consider it an Amplification of your training. It is done at such low loads, there is no damage or wear and tear to worry about. For this reason the more you train with BFR the more benefits you will see without negative side effects.

How soon before Bodybuilding competition should I stop BFR Training?

We recommend most clients stop BFR Training ~1 week before competition. This may vary based on your individual characteristics and your competing category.

Can I do BFR Training if I'm hurt?

This is especially useful if you are hurt. Injury and pain can increase muscle atrophy and this can be stopped by using BFR Training. Since BFR Training uses such low loads it is perfect to use when injured. Some of the common injuries we see can benefit from BFR are: -Strains/Sprains -Fractures -Surgeries -Tendonitis/Tendinosis/Tendinopathy -Chronic joint pain

What can I do with areas the BFR cuff can't occlude, like the chest or back?

BFR Training has been proven to help areas that can’t be directly occluded by the cuff, it’s called cross-training. It is important to have a program that design specifically for this purpose. There is a local and systemic (whole body) effect that occur with BFR Training. The hormones produced with BFR training will go through your whole body and can be used to grow the areas that can't be directly occluded. When this technique is used properly it can be an excellent tool to enhance and speed up results, this is why we highly recommend using our (PRO)gramming services.

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