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Amplify your Results, Recovery and Performance


What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training? 

BFR Training is a new technology that is changing the bodybuilding world! It allows you to get results faster by fully recruit muscle fibers and increase the results seen with heavy lifting...all while using light weights. 

Increase muscle growth

Increase strength

Target stubborn and hard to grow areas

Recover faster between training sessions

Eliminate pain that is limiting your ability to lift

Train even when injured or prevent losing muscle through an injury


How Can Bodybuilders Benefit?

Speed Up Growth

  • Maximize your body's ability to grow fast as 1 inch in 4 weeks. 

  • Increase pro-synthetic hormones like HGH through your whole body. 

  • Get a performance edge to compliment your current program

Maximize Contest Prep

  • Avoid losing hard earned muscle during leaning phase. 

  • Use BFR almost all the way up to contest time.

  • Supplement your current training program.

  • Decrease recovery time between lifting sessions. 

Don't Let Pain Slow You Down

  • Create muscle hypertrophy with only 20-30% of the load. 

  • Decrease excess joint stress.

  • Increase natural recovery hormones, including: HGH, IGF-1, mTORC1

  • Don't allow an injury to slow you down. 


Interested in the benefits this cutting edge technology has to offer?

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