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What Is BFR?


Personalized Blood Flow Restriction is a new technology that applies a specialized tourniquet to an exercising limb for short periods of time and under specific protocols. It induces significant and substantial gains in strength, hypertrophy (muscle size) and endurance while using a very light load (weight).         


Maximize Your Benefits With Exercise!


Blood flow restriction helps stimulate muscle synthesis and regain muscle while using very low loads. 

  • Increase strength with only 20-30% load

  • Increase muscle hypertrophy (size) while protecting your joints 

  • Increase your body's natural Growth Hormone (GH) production 

  • Improve bone density after a fracture

  • Increase satellite cell release (stem cells for muscle growth)

  • Increase muscle oxygen uptake (VO2 Max) within 2-3 weeks

  • Improve strength and hypertrophy after surgery and after rehabilitation

  • Prevent bone loss seen in osteopenia/osteoporosis 

  • Prevent muscle atrophy and loss of strength from lack of use or non-weight bearing after an injury

How Can It Help You?

This technology is revolutionizing human recovery and performance, and is ideal for:


  • Who want to improve strength and muscle size

  • Who have joint pain and keep getting weaker and inactive because they can't exercise 

  • Looking to stay active and want to keep their strength as long as possible

  • With muscle atrophy due to an old injury or surgery


  • Looking to maximize performance and decrease recovery time

  • Who want to keep their strength during peak season

  • Who can use a performance edge while avoiding drugs or chemicals

  • That can use greater muscle gains and strength by adding this regimen to their current lifting program 

  • Triathletes looking to increase VO2Max and 

  • Runners looking to improve endurance


  • People looking to heal faster after an injury  

  • Pre or post-surgical orthopedic patients 

  • Older adults looking to prevent the effects of osteopenia / osteoporosis

  • Someone with a recent fracture who wants to improve bone healing while preventing muscle weakness 

Interested in the benefits this cutting edge technology has to offer?

Fill in the form below, and we'll contact you soon.    

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