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We help people recover from injury, so they can go back to doing the things they love, without depending on medications or injections. 

 TJ Bell, NASCAR Driver

"Healthy Body PT is one of the best teams I have ever worked with no matter my injury or my pain. They are there to not only fix it but explain how it happened and how to prevent it in the future. They truly care about their patients and will defiantly get you back better than you were before any injury."

Paul Klein,

Fitness Facility Owner

"Healthy Body has a team that makes everyone feel at ease and excited to learn about their bodies. They have helped many of our clients correct issues that are outside of our pay grade. They help them to live the life they want, unrestrained by old injuries or asymmetries. 

Above all, they are a trusted member of our family and I would send my closest loved ones to them before any other PT!

"Healthy Body PT has the most caring and genuine staff I have worked with. They have a unique method that exceeds any expectations.  I continue to work with Healthy Body and recommend them to anyone that is trying to improve their own performance or well-being.  

They will not only help you perform better in your sport but can help a non-competitive individual complete the tasks of daily living in a pain free environment. 

Zach B, 

Competitive Athlete

Mike Ratnofsky, 

Fitness Facility Owner

"The Healthy Body team has an exceptional eye for movement in the human body.  Their goal is not only to diagnose the current issue but also analyze the movement pattern which might be the cause of future issues. Their ultimate goal is to be able to help each patient get back to pain free movement. We highly recommend them for our athletes and others in the Charlotte area looking for a trusted physical therapy team."

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